vineri, 22 iulie 2016

Virtual tour software analysis

We intended to develop our own virtual tour software - but after a technical analysis of the market we simply decided to go with Tour Wizard, which is more productive, as it already has the most features that we needed, and this is an example about how a good analysis of needs and costs can save you a lot of headache regarding software development, externalization and a so on.

Software requirements are description of features and  needed functionalities of a certain system. Requirements also cover  the expectations of users from any kind of software product - they  can be obvious or hidden, known or maybe unknown, expected or unexpected from a client’s point of view, but they need to be properly documented and understanded in order to avoid problems

Requirement Engineering
The process to gather the software requirements from client, analyze and document them is known as requirement engineering.

The goal of requirement engineering is to develop and maintain sophisticated and descriptive ‘System Requirements Specification’ document.

Requirement Engineering Process
It is a four step process, which includes –

1, A feasibility Study
2. The requirement Gathering
3 The necessary software requirement specification and in some cases also the software mockup
4 Software Requirement Validation

When you are going to deal with all of those things, then you should be able to understand how much would the implementation of the software will cost along with the cost and everything, and then validate the project.

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